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11选5任五遗漏查询:Why Buy New?

Why new might be right for you

Investing in a newer home almost always guarantees a larger floor plan, in a quiet, suburban community, with energy-efficient building products and state-of-the-art appliances.

甘肃11选5前三走势 www.2nr9.cn Plus, most come with a nice warranty to give you that extra cushion that you’re protected for a few years from costly maintenance repairs. Reach out to a local D.R. Horton representative to discover new homes in your area. Or just hit the magnifying glass at the top of any page on our website to search for communities and homes in your desired location.

Here are a few comparisons to discover why a new home is right for you.

New Pre-Owned
Built in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations 1 Inspections could find damages such as structural, electrical, water and out-of-code violations.
Built with newest industry standards in technology, energy efficiency, and building practices. Limited customization options with amenities not matching your personal style.
May offer the opportunity to match your personality with home customization. 2 Final repairs and renovation costs exceeding your initially planned budget.
Rarely require the number of upgrades and maintenance of a pre-owned home. Outdated home appliances, cooling/heating units and water heaters may require replacement.
Immediate move-in upon completion of build/set move-in date. Required repairs and renovation could delay your initial move-in date.
A clean slate for a chance to cater the design of your home to match your lifestyle.3 Maintenance is often imminent, leading to an endless number of tasks just to meet your standards.
Almost all new homes come with warranties for much-needed appliance repairs and costs. Pre-owned homes come with older appliances and exclude extensive, reliable warranties.

*New home advantages vary based on the location of your D.R. Horton home.


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