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大乐透杀号定胆技巧:Your Home, Smarter

甘肃11选5前三走势 www.2nr9.cn Whether home or away, stay close to the people and place you value most. Introducing D.R. Horton’s new smart home system, Home Is Connected. Designed by America’s Builder for your peace of mind, this system seamlessly integrates with your devices. Control your system through one application, whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Wireless platform operations and automated systems help you stay connected to your family and home around the clock.

Welcome to America's Smart Home.

Features Include

One-wire connectivity

Integrated geofencing technology

Hands-free communication

Multi-platform wireless network

Energy efficient

Single application control

Connect Everything

Seamlessly connect your smart-home devices using WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and even cellular signals.


The Heart of the Smart Home

This award-winning panel connects you to the entire suite of Home Is Connected devices. Enjoy exciting new features with Bluetooth capability, including touchless front door access. Integrated geofence technology automatically controls temperature and more as you come and go from your home.

Alarm.com App

The alarm.com application serves as the central hub for your Home Is Connected system. Control your lights, unlock your front door, set your thermostat and speak to visitors through one single application. Everything at your ?ngertips, whether home or away.

Honeywell T6 Pro Z-WaveTM Thermostat

The new T6 Pro Z-WavTM thermostat works seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature of your home on a large, modern and intuitive touchscreen display with an expanded wireless range.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Communicate hands-free with your Smart Home system through the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot voice-command devices. Instantly connect with the Alexa Voice Service to play music, ask questions, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more.

Kwikset SmartCode888

Lock and unlock your door with a single, personalized code from anywhere in the world. Your Home Is Connected system allows you to remotely control your door lock using a smartphone, tablet or internet-connected device.

Eaton Z-Wave Switch

Control the power to your smart device with the Eaton Z-Wave Switch. This wireless application replaces regular switches to provide ON/OFF control. Each switch can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from your Home Is Connected system.


SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that enables you to see, hear and speak to the visitor at the door – whether you’re at home, work or on the go. Stay up-to-date with the traf?c in and out of your front door using SkyBell.

Contact Us

For more information about America’s Smart HomeSM, simply fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out shortly.

D.R. Horton is an Equal Housing Opportunity Builder. A D.R. Horton Smart Home is equipped with technology that includes the following: a Z-Wave programmable thermostat manufactured by Honeywell; a Z-Wave door lock manufactured by Kwikset; a Z-Wave wireless switch manufactured by Eaton Corporation; a Qolsys, Inc. touchscreen Smart Home control device; an automation platform from Alarm.com; a SkyBell video doorbell; an Amazon Echo and an Amazon Echo Dot. D.R. Horton reserves the right, without prior notice, to substitute other products for those listed above. Other Smart Home technology features may be offered for an additional charge. For Smart Home technology included in the home to work, homeowners must obtain and pay for their own Internet service and may need to purchase compatible devices and to maintain accounts with third parties for the services. D.R. Horton makes no representation or warranty that any or all of the Smart Home technology is secure, will meet any homeowner needs or will provide any level of physical or cyber security for the home – even if the technology is working as intended. All photos and drawings are for illustration purposes only. See a D.R. Horton sales agent for complete information. D.R. Horton is a registered trademark of D.R. Horton Management Company, Ltd. All other trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.
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